Recycled Electronics Flower

I have a lot of old and now useless electronics. It seems sad that all of this stuff just ends up in a landfill. So recently I took apart a few things and found pretty parts.

IMG_2020[1] IMG_2021[1]

The outer rings are from in between hard drive disks, superglued together. The ring just inner of that is part of the stepper motor that spins the disk. The innermost ring is what I believe to be a filter from an old printer power supply. The stem is a thick wire I had sitting around, and the colorful wires around that are from an Ethernet cable.


Then to make it really pretty I added some color changing LEDs. They are just hot-glued in, but that seems to hold them well. These are really great because they don’t require any microcontroller, just apply 3V and they change colors. The large solid wire I used for ground, and the spiraling green wire I used for 3+ volts. Right now I’m just using a battery, but I’m hoping to make it work off of old solar cells from broken outdoor solar lights.