New Life to Old Radio

My mother recently recovered her father’s old radio. It’s from either the 40’s or even prior to that. It’s beauty inspired me to bring new life to it.


Being that I’m an electronics novice, I didn’t know how to repair the old electronics. It looked like the plug had disintegrated and at least one of the vacuum tubes looked shot. On top of that, the inners of it looks like a mess of electronic components. I gave up on trying to revive the old, and gutted it for the new. I didn’t want to make a whole large project, so I took the easy way out on all of the electronics.

IMG_2041[1] IMG_2042[1] IMG_2043[1]

After removing the old electronics, I installed a car speaker from my old car, which fit rather well. For an amplifier, I used a car amp, which also fit snug. Add a switch and an old DC adapter and I have sound! It supplies pretty good sound quality, allows me to easily hook up an iPod or other device, and there is plenty of extra space in the case for modification (possible rasPi with pandora and NPR player?). Hopefully this is only the first chapter in this project.


The video quality does a poor job showing how it actually sounds.