Adding Bumper Sensors

Today I decided to ditch the old bumper sensors since they were built into the original motherboard of the robot, and added new ones in their place.

Design is simple, a push button where the old sensor used to be. I filed down a protoboard to fit in the location, soldered a push button onto the board and attached leads to it. I carefully hot glued the boards in the location (lots of hot glue in hopes they might actually stay.

IMG_2051[1] IMG_2053[1] IMG_2054[1] IMG_2055[1] IMG_2056[1]

To test if the sensors were working I wrote up a quick sketch to check. It just serial rights left or right depending on which button is pushed.


Code below:

int rightSensor = 2;
int leftSensor = 3;

void setup() {
pinMode(rightSensor, INPUT);
pinMode(leftSensor, INPUT);

void loop() {



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